Noah's Ark

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Noah's Ark

As a Club member, you have the unique opportunity in this anniversary year to acquire a collector‘s item that is being issued over the course of two years: our Noah‘s Ark. 

The exclusive collection of two Teddy bears and 18 Steiff animals in miniature size with the 61 cm long wooden ark is strictly limited to 500 pieces, and is to be released in four sets over two years.

 This is your chance to make one of them yours!


Important information for ordering

Please complete and sign the order form and return it to the Steiff Club office in Lincoln, RI. The pre-purchase right for Club members expires on 20 June 2017. The order is binding for you up until then. However, a legally effective contract only materializes when your order is confirmed by Steiff.

If more orders are received than items available, an in-house drawing will take place. Please remember to provide us with the name of the CLub store you wish us to send the sets to. If you do not know of a local Club store, please indicate this in the field for the Club store.

Orders will be confirmed to the Club member and the respective Club stores as of 20 July 2017 and delivery of the first set will be advised at the same time. Delivery of the subsequent sets will be advised in due course.

Return order forms by mail:

Steiff Club
24 Albion Rd. Suite 220
Lincoln, RI 02865

Return order forms by fax

Attention: Steiff Club
Fax: 401-475-2147

Return order forms by e-mail





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