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Grimm Fairy Tale Limited Edition "Little Brother and Little Sister", 6 Inches, EAN 007132

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EAN 007132
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Inspired by the Brothers Grimm story, our Little Brother and Sister Set” is the latest addition to our Fairy Tale series. As the tale goes…Little Brother takes his sister's hand, and ventures out into the world to explore. Little Brother drinks from an enchanted stream and turns into a fawn, the result of a spell cast by their evil stepmother. He and Little Sister vow never to be parted. The evil stepmother is furious when she hears they are living happily. The King witnesses her hateful ways and puts a stop to the evil stepmothers wrong-doings, and thus breaks her spell. The fawn then changes back into Little Brother, and everyone lives happily ever after. Whether you own all the earlier pieces in the series, or this will be your first, give yourself the gift of Fairy Tale magic, and add this Teddy bear with fawn set to your collection today.

Product Details:

  • Collection: 2022 Worldwide Limited Edition (Spring/Summer)
  • Edition Size: 1,000 pieces
  • Sister Deer: 6 inches, made of blonde mohair and wears a millefleurs dress made of cotton poplin
  • Brother Deer: 5 inches, made of brown cotton velvet with air brushed accents and wears a neckband with a bell
  • Eyes: Safety eyes
  • Ear Tag: With gold-plated "Button in Ear"
  • Joints: Sister is 5-way jointed
  • Care: Surface washable
  • Country of Origin: Made in Germany
  • Age Group: Adult Collectors. NOT A TOY.
This item comes in a collectible Limited Edition gift box.