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Levi Teddy Bear Comforter in Gift Box, 11 Inches, EAN 241451

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EAN 241451
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The “Hello Baby” Levi Teddy bear comforter is beautifully hand crafted from fabrics chosen to pamper baby’s delicate skin. The bear’s head is sewn from a pale grey plush and has embroidered facial features, including his eyes, nose, and mouth. The comforter’s “body” is created from the same matching plush material. Tasteful blue accents — including embroidered buttons, a blue collar, and areas of subtle polka-dotted fabric — all come together to give Levi his simply adorable appearance. To make the comforter even more fun, put a finger into the bear’s head and use him as a puppet! The Levi Teddy bear comforter comes with an elegantly designed matching gift box. It also includes a beautiful greeting card that can be removed and personalized.

Product Details:

  • Material: Made of plush for baby-soft skin
  • Size: 11 inches
  • Color: Gray/Blue
  • Eyes: Embroidered eyes
  • Ear tag: Yellow tag; stainless steel "Button in Ear"
  • Joints & Pose: Not jointed
  • Sound device: None
  • Care: Machine washable at 86° F
  • Country of origin: Made in Tunisia