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Made with the Best Materials

Made with the Best Materials

Millimeter for millimeter. Meter for meter~ Only the very best will do

The fusion of Schulte, our long-term Steiff supplier, in 2009 has made us the world's only supplier of plush toys with it's own fabric mill. The entire manufacturing process is therefore in the hands of Margarete Steiff GmbH: from the first idea to the design, from fabric production to sewing and the manufacture of every single Steiff animal.

At Steiff Schulte in Duisburg we turn thread into noble materials. All these are in turn raw materials for wonderful, master-crafted Steiff creations.

Millimeter by millimeter. Thread for thread: ~ Simply the best

Those wanting to create something special and unique of lasting value will need nothing less than the perfect "ingredients". This not only applies to many other areas but especially to our Steiff manufacture, where we only use "ingredients" of the highest quality: for every Steiff animal, from head to paw.

Through the fusion without long time supplier Schulte, the entire material and fabric process is now in the hands of Margarete Steiff GmBH, from the very first design idea to fabric manufacture, sewing, and garnishing as well as perfecting every Steiff animal in our factories.

At Steiff Schulte in Duisburg, we create luxurious fabrics from threads of noble materials such as alpaca, mohair and silk. These in turn are the valuable "ingredients" fro our unique creations. Those wanting to create something extraordinary can only be satisfied with the very best. That's what we think - don't you?


Soft, silky, opulent Although the number of Alpaca animals in the Steiff range has increased in recent years, the company discovered that material many years ago. Its resurgence in popularity is due to its wonderful feel and tremendous versatility. Alpaca can be used to create both soft Teddy bears and ultra-realistic animals.



Lustrous, shiny and sleek This natural material from the wool of the angora goat is the classic Teddy bear material. In fact, it was used for the first Teddy bear ever created. The fiber is both beautiful and durable, which accounts for the amazing number of vintage Steiff creations that appear today in superb condition. Most Teddy bears and animals in our current Classic range are made of mohair material.

Woven Fur

Cuddly, velvety and versatile Amazingly soft and natural-feeling, this beautiful fabric is quite valuable. It is created through a unique three-dimensional weaving technique that involves inserting threads into cotton backing perpendicularly. The result is especially appropriate for huggable toys, though the sumptuous fabric is also used in our Studio range near life-size creatures.


Plush Steiff animals are fluffy and feel particularly soft and gentle. A special finishing technique gives Steiff’s knitted plush fabric a unique combination of soft feel and high durability. Plush can be used for a multitude of applications and its functionality makes it the ideal choice for the special demands of children’s sensitive skin.