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Sending a Gift

Sending a gift with Steiff North America has never been this easy!

Adding a Gift Box

Do you want to send the item you ordered in an elegant Steiff giftbox? Then follow these steps and you'll be on your way to brighten someone's day!

To add a gift box to your current order, click "Add a Gift Box" on the Product Page, and the appropriate sized box will appear after clicking.

After that,just click "Add Steiff Gift Box" and the gift box will automatically be added to your cart!1


1In some cases, you will not see the add Steiff Gift Box option, because not all of our items can be put in a gift box, this includes:

  • Limited editions ( These already come with a special limited edition box) and
  • Larger pieces that will not fit in any gift box.

Shipping to a Different Address

When shipping to an address different from the billing address please make sure that the "I also want to ship to this address" checkbox is unchecked, this will then change the button from "Bill & Ship to this Address" to "Bill to this Address".

See below for screenshots:

When checking out as a guest:


When checking out while logged in:


Order Comments/ Instructions

If you would like to add order comments, instructions, or a personalized note card, all you would have to do is type in the information in the order instructions/comments box before checking out. Please note that Gift Wrapping services are NOT AVAILABLE.

Invoices/ Pricing

When an item is placed in a gift box, item prices or order values are NOT shown on the packing slip/invoice unless otherwise specified.

For international shipments, please keep in mind that pricing will show on the invoice for customs/duty purposes. Click here for more information on international shipments.