Steiff Soft Plush Keyrings-Keychains

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Soft Plush Keyrings

These little friends just want to hand around - and make great gifts for Valentine's day!

It must be in their blood. They simply cannot help themselves. The little Steiff keyring Teddy bears and animals just have to be around wherever you are. Their thirst for knowledge is so unbridled. They are so curious. They are so full of energy and endurance that every day is a great adventure. And these little Teddy bears and animals with fluffy-soft fur have an incomparable love of travel. Their good mood is contagious and you simply cannot resist their friendly, inviting expression. 

These cute Steiff miniatures go along day after day on great, new adventures on the secure and practical keyring. After all, there is nothing more exciting for these animals than to experience their little owner's turbulent everyday lives on a bunch of keys, on a bag, on a backpack, on a pencil case or a school bag.



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