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Steiff "Button in Ear" - a trademark of quality

The "Button in Ear" - a worldwide trademark of unmistakable quality

In 1904 Franz Steiff, Margarete’s nephew was looking for a way to protect Steiff products from imitation. His great idea later became the epitome of quality and handiwork: a metal button in the ear as a protection label. Initially engraved with an elephant motive, the metal button soon wore the trademark and therefore became inseparable with the brand.

"Steiff - Button in Ear" is a world wide renowned and unique trademark, which still stands for quality, richness of ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the year, the appearance of the Steiff Button in Ear has changed


The Ear Tag - inseparably linked with the button

In 1908/1909 the Steiff

The Chest Tag
Since 1926 all products receive additional labels made of thick paper attached to the chest which bears the name of the article. The appearance of these labels have changed over the years.

In 1926, Steiff products were maked with additional paper labels around the throat/chest called