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Steiff Craftsmanship


The craftsmanship - Dreams come to life

Steiff animals comes to life from an idea in a multitude of elaborate steps. The excellent quality and the beauty of the products are the result of months of development and loving work by hand. In any case it could not be any other way, because real characters do not come from machines. And a Steiff animal is much more than a product: it is the expression of high quality inventions and first-class craftsmanship.

Design - Attention to Detail

To design our animals the designers work closely with the original examples. In this way the appearance and movement of the animals can be copied as realistically as possible. The idea for a new Steiff animal comes from the largest provider of ideas - nature. The individual specialities and features of the animals are copied as precisely as possible. The inspirations are then captured in the first sketches. The sketch defines the dimension - for example the size - of a new design. The first designs are discussed and improved until a consensus is reached. The pattern is designed and transferred exactly to the relevant material. Subsequently such a prototype is made: it is the binding sample for the future animals in this range.


For more than 100 years the shiny fur of the Steiff originals has come from one and the same supplier. This loyalty is based on trust in the excellent quality: Over the decades the mohair plush keeps its colour, silky sheen and feel. The raw material for the exclusive mohair is the long grown hairy fur of the extremely valuable Angora goat. Worked in tuft textile, the mohair is particularly hardwearing, its silky feel and luster make it one of the most valuable fibers which nature offers us.



Light, fine and extraordinarily soft: this is one of the most exquisite raw materials in the world - Alpaca. For the Incas it was worth its weight in gold and the appreciation of the hard wearing luxury hair has not changed until today. Steiff animals made of Alpaca are extraordinarily soft, hard wearing and remain beautiful for a very long time. And because exquisite materials never lose their beauty, touching your Steiff animal is still just as nice in many years time as at the beginning.

Head and body
Nothing is comparable with the wonderful feeling of stroking the heads and bodies of our Steiff animals. Mohair and alpaca are particularly soft, another reason for us to use these exquisite and luxurious fibers.


Production - Only the best earn the button

After producing a sample animal, a pattern will be created. It will be transferred precisely onto the reverse side of the mohair. Practised seamstresses will then produce the body shell from the individual parts by precise sewing. So that they receive their life-like form, they will be stuffed with either wood shavings (Excelsior), which requires dexterity, high precision  and strength.

Steiff also uses other synthetic stuffing material produced from polyester and is blasted into the sewing shell with pressurised air: it is washable and has a high wad power and shape stability, it is perfectly hygienic and flame resistant, and as a fleece, it must be manually processed with a stuffing iron.

In any case the Steiff animal is only completed when the dark eye buttons are gently placed and fastened by cautious hands. Literally a special moment.

Only when the Steiff animals have successfully passed the final checks do they receive a button in the ear, their washing and material information tag, as well as bow and chest tags.


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